Under the Sea CropTacular Virtual Event

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Saturday, March 13
9am to 9pm EST

Down here all the scrappers are happy, as off through the waves they roll. The scrappers on the land.... well, they are joining us on Saturday, March 13 from 9am to 9pm EST as The-Whole-Kit-N-Kaboodle hosts an unforgettable virtual event! We will immerse ourselves in a cyber ocean, complete with our own whimsical cast of characters. Your favorite mermaid and her friends (and foe!) will host classes and contests and have so many fun giveaways! Participation is FREE!

Classes will go on sale at The-Whole-Kit-N-Kaboodle.com in February. The exact date will be announced here and on social media once it is set. You don't need to purchase the class collections to participate in the events of the day. These are optional kits if you would like to assemble the designs as Andrea demonstrates them during the crop.

All activities will take place in the CROPtacular Virtual Scrapbooking Events Facebook Group


Questions & Answers:

Q. What is the Under the Sea CropTacular?
A. The Under the Sea CropTacular is a virtual scrapbooking event, all showcased in the Facebook Group. The event is themed for your favorite mermaid and all things beachy. The event will include:

  • Contests!
  • Ultra creative videos!
  • Meet some of the staff of The Whole Kit N Kaboodle!
  • The debut of new products from The Whole Kit N Kaboodle!
  • Special offers & great sales!
  • The opportunity to win loads of door prizes!
  • Several classes!
  • Special presentation by some of our favorite vendors!

Q: How do I register for the event and what is the cost?
To participate in the activities, just join the Facebook group. It's completely FREE to participate. (There is a fee if you want to purchase the class kits and participate in some of the classes.)


Q: How do I register for the classes and what is the cost?
Classes will go on sale at The-Whole-Kit-N-Kaboodle.com in February. The exact date will be announced here and in the Facebook group once it is set. When the class projects are complete, we will set the cost and announce it in the Facebook Group.

Q. Can I participate even if I don't buy the class kits?
A. Most definitely. All of the contest are FREE. There will be so many fun activities all day long. You are also welcome to simply watch the class demonstrations and learn the tips & tricks!

Q. What if I can't participate that day?
A. All of the videos will remain in the Facebook group forever! You may go back at any time to watch any video. All contests will close at midnight EST the day of the event. (Winners will be announced the Tuesday after the event.)

Q. Where will this virtual event take place?
A. On the CropTacular Virtual Scrapbooking Events Facebook page

Q. What is the date & time of the event?
A. Saturday, March 13 from 9am to 9pm EST

Q. Does it cost to participate?
A. There is no cost to watch, shop, ask questions and to participate in the numerous prizes drawings.

Q. Do I need a ticket to participate?
A. No ticket needed to watch & shop. Simply come to the Facebook page on March 13 and tune into the live presentations.

Q. Who owns/runs CropTacular Virtual Scrapbooking Events?
A. The-Whole-Kit-N-Kaboodle.com

Q. Will there be more virtual events like this one?
A. Yes! (And check out our last virtual event by going to the Facebook Group and searching the Grinchmas Post Topic.)