Glimmer Cardstock 12x12 Collection

$ 30.00

Realistically and metaphorically, rainbows make me happy! A rainbow radiates positivity, whether through a spectrum of brilliant colors or symbolically describing unity of different people. We have put together the entire rainbow of My Colors Glimmer Cardstock, that will not only bring you joy, but will be a great tool to use when scrapbooking and when ordering your online supplies. This packet includes a 12x12 sheet of each of the My Colors Glimmer Cardstock (30 total sheets), labeled appropriately on the back side.

  • My Colors Cardstock is manufactured from high quality, virgin pulp. Virgin pulp is the key ingredient that results in producing paper with long fibers. Long fiber paper allows the crafter to score and fold the cardstock without worry of cracking or ripping edges. If you use a diecutting machine, long fiber paper is optimum for nice, clean, even cuts.
  • The Canvas collection is 80lb. weight. These papers are sturdy and firm, ideal for all types of paper crafting.
  • My Colors Cardstock is core-dyed, allowing for optimal color absorption throughout the paper. Only soy dyes are used, which are 100% safe for the environment.